SEPA Linked Data - API Specification

LDA Overview

Further information on the use of parameters with this may be found in the Linked Data API specification

A list of the endpoints configured can be found here. It also supplies a list of the short names for properties configured in the API.
These are the property names to be used in query parameters. They assure the use of names that are valid Javascript variable names.

Surface Water Bodies a paged list of surface water bodies.

The distinct water body types may be selected using the category parameter
Valid values are: River, Transitional, Lake and Coastal

A water body that intersects, or is contained in, a particular postcode district.
N.B. The parameters are case sensitive, so 'postcodeDistrict' NOT 'postcodedistrict'.

River Basin Districts a paged list of river basin districts

Sub Basin Districts a paged list of sub basin districts

Catchments a paged list of catchments

Bathing Waters a paged list of bathing waters

Ground Water Bodies a paged list of ground water bodies.